The Bottle

Daily Prompt: BottleHere is what “Bottle” inspired me to write. I hope you enjoy!

                                 The Bottle
          It could not be tracked. It could not be taken. The Bottle drifted around bars, restaurants, and homes. It took on many forms: beer, wine, juice, even water. It came in many shapes as well: glass, plastic, leather, and even flasks. What happens if you get The Bottle?

          Only a few knew of The Bottle. And they were the ones who created it. If these drank from it, no harm would be done. But regular people could not take the effects.


          One late morning at a bar in New York, The Bottle made its entrance. One of the creators slipped it into a trio of beers that was being taken to a table of millennials outside. What would be The Bottle’s purpose today? Well you see, those millennials were FBI agents. They were undercover, investigating the bar for espionage crimes against the government. That very bar did host many crimes. But they were always to save the poor, the good hearted, and the beaten down. Basically, innocent people who were blamed for many wrongs.

          If the agents exposed the alleged crimes, who would be the savior of the majority? The Bottle would be.

          It didn’t matter which one drank from it this time. But it was given to the female FBI agent. She was in a sundress and floppy hat with matching sandals and satchel to go with it. Seductively grinning at the young server, he blushed and began to flirt with her. She thought she was getting closer in their investigation. But oh what pity. Upon taking the neck of The Bottle between her pointer and middle fingers, she sweetly gave it a sip.

          Instantly feeling a tingle in her throat, she dismissed it as the usual burn. The server continued to flirt, but her mind began to drift. The fellow agents noticed and immediately assumed the beer to be laced with a drug. Secretly alerting back up, one of them faked a phone call.

          “Hey, man. What? Aw, right now? Dude, we just got our beers! Alright. We’ll be there in two seconds.”

          The server frowned. He was missing his opportunity to get a hot date. The woman fell over. Soon, other FBI agents swarmed out of nowhere and tackled the server. The one who made the fake call to distract the server picked up The Bottle and smelled it to see if he could tell which drug it was. After getting a whiff, he too plopped to the cement. The Bottle was succeeding. An unmarked van rushed up to the bar and more agents rolled out. Picking up the man and woman off the ground, they carefully loaded them into the van and disappeared down the street. One of the creators stepped out from a shadow in the bar and pulled the server from the agents hands. Fumes from The Bottle swarmed all around the agents and they passed out cold.

          No more back up would be coming, for another Bottle was tending to matters at FBI headquarters. The creator guided the server to the back of the bar.

          “What are you doing, bro! Who are you?” yelled the server.

          “I just saved your life. You can thank me later.” said the creator.

          He slid the young man an ATM card loaded with half a million dollars.

          “You need to get your brother out of jail, right? Well, her you go. Don’t worry. We have your back. Any time you need us, we will be right there.”

          The creator slid out the back of the bar and disappeared into the crowd gathering around the area. The server grasped the card in his hand and silently wept hopeful tears.


          You see, that was just once instance of The Bottle saving the day. The FBI did come back to the bar, but they could find no evidence of anything. So they laid the case to rest. The Bottle protects and The Bottle knows. Be careful of who you inflict injustice upon.

          Your lips just might meet the mysterious contents of The Bottle.


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