Seethen The Queen

          Commit. Commit what? A crime? To a relationship? To a duty? These were questions Seethen asked herself on the night of her coronation.          Her parents had been sacrificed on account of being prisoners of war. She was but a little girl when she was told the news of their execution. This did not make her weak or fearful. Seethen chose to rise against and learn how to take control of her kingdom. But she was only sixteen. She had sixteen year old feelings of want, desire to be loved, intense passion, and loneliness.

          Her advisors were corrupt. As was everyone’s. She used to think nothing of it before it was her duty to commit to being queen and taking over as leader of her people. Their corruption, however, had cost lives. Many died in unnecessary wars and escapades. Seethen vowed to avenge those lost souls. Including her dear parents.

          There was a prince whom the advisors pushed her to pursue. He was handsome, but that was all he had. Looks. The bare minimum. But her kingdom was failing. Others were rising and she needed to make an alliance with a prosperous family in order to maintain dominance over the land. There was more than a lot on her shoulders. Seethen wanted more than to be a good queen. She wanted to be loved.

          That may seem like an immature thing to feel. But isn’t that what we all want? No matter what age we are? Love heals all things. The darkness that surrounded the throne needed to be healed by love. She couldn’t do that with the haughty and pompous prince! Seethen contemplated choosing a young man of the people. Someone who had good morals and high standards. Someone who was raised with little means and knew the value of hard work. But having never been let out of the castle gates, she feared she would never find a young man like that.

          A knock at her door broke her spiraling thoughts. Answering, it was her ladies, waiting to escort her to the auditorium. Everyone would be there. Even a few well off towns people. They made their way down the flight of stairs that connected Seethen’s wing to the living area. It was empty and her heart sank, thinking of when her father would read to her on the couch in that exact room. But she kept her courage. Gracefully walking through the doors of the living area and outside into the garden, the auditorium was only a few minutes away. She prepared her speech in her mind. Even calling to herself the parts her advisors had not seen to approve. There was a plan within her. And she would reveal that plan to all the people at the coronation.

          Entering into the auditorium, everyone stopped their mingling and bowed down. This was stupid to her. She was just a kid and had not done anything special yet. But she soon would. Her older cousin, Janesph, approached her to relieve her ladies and bring her to her new throne. All was quiet as they jaunted up the golden stairs and Seethen was properly seated on the jeweled chair. Being given a scepter, she raised it in the air, signifying to her audience that it was time to sit and listen to her speech before she would become granted with the queenship.

           After they all made their way to their assigned seats, Seethen cleared her throat. Of course she was nervous, but responsibility and pride took over.

          “My people. Citizens of all the land. I thank you for attending this day. It is with deepest gratitude that I appreciate your attendance.”

          Her advisors nodded in agreement with maniacal smiles.

          “As you all have known, I must marry Prince Eliam. I will commit to my duties and proceed forth with this task.”

          “She wasn’t supposed to word it like that!” Her advisors sharply whispered to one another.

          “I understand the gravity of this commitment and I will take it in stride. But I will not be granting Prince Eliam any royal duties, obligations, or privileges.”

          The whole room gasped, including Prince Eliam and his family.

          “He is not fit to be a king. Therefore, I will be sole ruler and have the final say in all decisions. Any objectors will be banished or executed.”

          No one said a word for fear of sudden death at her command.

          “However. Once I am twenty one years of age, I will have gained enough experience as your queen. In this regard, I will divorce Prince Eliam and find a king of my choosing from the common people of the realm.”

          An advisor mustered up the courage to prevent Seethen from speaking any longer. He had wanted to kill the girl since he constructed the death of the former King and Queen. But another advisor held him back, shaking his head redoubtably.

          “I love my kingdom, but much work is to be done. Yes, I am but a child. And many of you may assume that makes me ignorant. But I am not blind the the machinations of my advisors.”

          Once again, the room gasped in amazement.

          “Every one of them will be relieved of their duties, effective immediately.”

          Knights stepped away from their positions on the walls and leapt at Seethen’s command. The weaselly advisors huddled together before the knights seized them and dragged them out to the courtyard. After they had left the auditorium, Seethen continued her speech.

          “Until I can find trustworthy counselors, I will do my own bidding. I love my people and want the best for them. I have the wholesome records of my father’s past and I will demonstrate his same zeal for leadership. I will not let any of you down. Once again, thank you.”

          Taking a position below the golden stairs, Janesph proudly rose from his seat with his own scepter to place on her right shoulder, granting her full queenship. She stood up and nodded her head at her supportive cousin. Turning around to face her audience, Janesph placed a rose gold crown on her head and declared,

          “Your new queen, Seethen of The Four Pillars!”

          The auditorium shook with shouts of praise and happiness. She was surprised at the support from her people. But was impressed with herself at having the courage to commit to her choice. Prince Eliam slunk over to the Queen with much cowardice. Before he could congratulate her, she said,

          “We will not have any words with each other. You will not touch me or even look in my direction. You are a prop.”

          Stunned and greatly offended, Prince Eliam scoffed and pranced off.

          Janesph came down to exalt Queen Seethen.

          “I knew you had it in you, cousin.”

          “Thank you.”

          The cousins hugged and the celebrations began. Queen Seethen would go on to become the wisest ruler there was in all the land. She prevented wars with her kind reasoning and loving capabilities. Negotiating and making alliances with neighboring kingdoms became a quality she was known for. Upon her twenty first birthday, Prince Eliam was excused and Janesph set out to find a suitable mate for his cousin. That search didn’t take long, for when the cousins were walking in the commoners market one evening, a young man was telling the children of the town fascinating stories about a noble queen who saved her kingdom from destruction at the hands of enemies. He went on and on about the queens valor and humble beauty.

          “I think we found our king.” Janesph teased.

          “We’ll see.”

          Seethen gave the young man a wink and continued to walk through the market. The young man bashfully grinned in confusion, for he knew nothing of her search. He knew not of his soon coming rulership with courageous Seethen The Queen of the Four Pillars.


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