Delorean The Good Dog

          Delorean was a pit bull. He love people, but they were so mean to him. He was the biggest and strongest fighting dog, but he would rather play with the ducks in the pond behind his house. Which wasn’t really his house. He just stayed there sometimes during championships. Delorean was a very good dog. But the mean people scared him into fighting.          He didn’t want to play with the other fighting dogs. They were not nice and actually wanted to fight him. So he sat at his tether and cried out. But this would get him whipped and poked. But crying made him feel better despite the abuse. He wished he had a friend.

          It was a misty morning when the big fight was to happen. One of the mean men untethered him to bring him into the ring. They had not given him breakfast, as they usually don’t when there is a huge competition. Delorean was so tired of fighting! He wanted to play and be a nice dog. So he looked around the ring and tried to find a way to escape. The dog he was up against didn’t look well. He knew rabies when he saw it. There was no way he would fight that one and win. There was a door humans were coming in and out of. There! He found his escape! That door led out to the street where Delorean could run free and find someone to play with!

         The match was about to start and he was a little scared because the humans were screaming at him to go fight. But the taste of freedom he kept seeing out that door built his confidence. The gunshot fired and the dog with rabies ran at Delorean. Just as the dog neared him, he darted out of the way and ran as fast as he could out the door someone was just coming in to. The rabies infested dog jumped over the gate and bit Delorean’s master.

         He ran and ran and ran. Delorean ran until it was nighttime. He knew he couldn’t be seen or else someone would take him to the pound and he would be killed. So he stayed on an emptier side of town. The moon was beautiful! He howled at the big white circle in the sky and barked, jumping into the air trying to catch it. But he was all alone. Now sad, he decided to go to sleep under a train that had stopped nearby.

         The next morning, a homeless man was waddling by the train looking for glass bottles. Delorean woke up to the smell of food coming from the man’s buggie. He hopped up and went to investigate. The man was a little crazy but he looked like a possible friend. So he trotted up to him and barked a nice hello. The homeless man fell over completely surprised. But then he got up and smiled a barely toothed grin at Delorean. The dog became so happy! The homeless man ignored him at first, but he didn’t let up. So he let Delorean stay with him and walk along the train tracks. He knew he had found a friend. The homeless man gave him a piece of his small amount of food and he kissed his face. The man laughed very loudly and Delorean barked loudly in response. The two became best friends and helped each other out. He protected the dog from recruiters and the dog protected the man from danger of all kinds. Because Delorean was a good dog.


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