Life Update

I haven’t posted to my blog since July 11th. Why? Because I suffer from depression. Being creative in multiple ways gets to be a lot for me to handle. One of the “perks” of depression is that you don’t even want to do things you want to do. I have been doing makeup looks on my Instagram, and writing in two novels that I want to publish later this year, and Im proud of myself for that. But this blog had to suffer. It was the straw on the camels back for a couple weeks.I like to do my makeup when Im sad. It relaxes me. I take a few dozen selfies and post them, and then I wash it off and take a nap. That has been my routine for these past days.

But it doesn’t help that I get hormonal breakouts on account of mother nature, so makeup isn’t always a good idea with acne all over my face.

Once I get back on track from my depression and being on my period, I will get back on track with my blog.

Depression is a problem Ive dealt with since I was seven years old. It gets worse then okay then worse again, but Im not dead so I don’t complain too much.

Anyway, I still love to write and create, so I will soon be getting back to that. This was simply an update on my life and why I haven’t been blogging.

No doubt this will happen again, and Ill survive again!

More is to come so STAY TUNED!

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