When I was a kid, reading was the most important thing to me. I was so grateful to live in a city where anyone could go to school and learn. Kindergarten, first grade, fifth grade, and junior high were my best years. I had teachers who actually cared about me and my education. 

Starting in the first grade, my love for writing grew. I had a hard time spelling out words. So my teacher, Mrs. Wolf, really helped me out. I will never forget how she told me to remember how to spell “people.”

“Just think of it this way, Leslie. Say PEE-OPLE.”

Honestly, I can’t spell that word without saying PEE-OPLE in my head. And I hated the letter E. It was my worst enemy. But she kneeded that hatred out of me.

Once in fifth grade to eighth, I was privileged to have the best teachers ever. Especially my language arts and history teachers. If it wasn’t for them, I dont think I would have kept my love for writing.

Since I was home schooled for high school, those years while in junior high became my version of the best four years. As I came into adulthood, one particluar thing has been my goal: If a twelve year old can’t read and love my writing, I messed up.

I write for those special kids who always have their noses in a book. And thats because I was that kind of kid. I write for those kids whose imagination rules them. That was me. I still think of myself as twelve. Childhood in general was where I was the most creative, hence the name “I Was Seven.” That age was when it all began. And here is where it continues…


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